Truly lazy people get up right away and take the trash out, before the ants come for it. -enfohub
Best Method
how it works
enfohub was designed just for small businesses, even those not familiar with websites and with limited technical skills. We love those that feel uneasy with the complex do-it-yourself programs offered by major website builders. They want an affordable website solution with real-person guidance.
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Prices begin for the website builder at $30mo, an App Manager will provide pricing based on business & needs. Indicate your contact preference, Call, Text or email. Your App Manager will build a custom website for no cost. Just provide 3 new enfohub referrals! You will get a professionally built website within a week, all you risk is the first months service fee of $30.00.

The mobile Task Manager is free, and ad free too!
Getting Started
or just test the waters
Contact with an App Manager to discuss your specific needs first, can be highly beneficial.
Chat With App Manager
Here is a list of the things needed to create a website:
Domain:: One of the most important elements of an effective website.
Images: Another very important element, people like to see images more than read text.
Content: Tell potential customers what you do, what you have done and why you do it.
Design/Style: Website’s style should reflect the business’s style, colors, fonts, etc.
Goals: What is it you want customers to do and see, goals are very important.
Budget Prices begin at $30mo, App Managers are a free service for the first 30 days to build your website, train you on how to manage it and provide valuable marketing and other small business coaching. The App Manager coaching service can be extended after 30 days for $19.50 mo. and can be canceled anytime.
Pre-Order Form
This is just the first step, not the final order
Note: Domains do not need to be determined at the start; a temporary 'build-site' is used during the building period. Allowing more time to find the best domain name.
The Pre-Order Form button opens a form, which the enfohub staff will review. There is no obligation, no continual calls, no sales pressure. You will be contacted as you indicated (Call, Text or email) with their recommendations and options.
‘Just as a lock needs a key to open, small businesses need a website to have real success.’ -enfohub
Get a website
the process
A temporary ‘Build Site’ is created, and your login information is provided. Only you and enfohub can see the website, until it is completed and live. The domain will need to be selected prior to going live.
During this period, you can test the tools and practice without being concerned about customers seeing anything.
App Managers
a new business model
We recognize the 5 predominant website builder models, with the most common being a self-serve do-it-yourself option that serves millions of customers. They feel cold and watch for those extra fees their bots slip in.
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Chat With App Manager
Its just a harmless chat, we love questions.
Free Task Manager
free is good
enfohub was started by small business owners who asked: What do small businesses need the most? Experience told us - better organization and task management. In developing our Task Manager App, we realized it had great value for both businesses & individuals too. So, we decided to make it free and the foundation of all our products. Everyone can use the App for free - small businesses, their staff, and even friends and family - because improved organization benefits everyone. When your staff is better organized, you have a better staff.

Everyone should get it, use it, share it.
Motivation & effort will almost always beat mere talent." -Norman Ralph Augustine We add enthusiasm and positivity -enfohub