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Task Manager App
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The enfohub Task Management App is a user-friendly solution designed for small businesses and individuals seeking efficient task organization with a simple memory assistant tool.  An App that can be a key to being more productive and organized.  Additionally, it offers added convenience for enfohub's website customers, granting them easy access to their website's dashboard.
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The Quick List
quick, simple & easy
Most task management system are complicated and enslave their users with an all-or-nothing process.

The Quick List is a feature that exemplifies our commitment to removing the barriers preventing people from using a task managing App for their daily to-do lists and general organization:
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Complete an Item, then Swipe
get it done
Simplified lists: Completed items get swiped to the right and removed from the ‘Active List’.  So, only items that need to be completed can be seen, the list gets smaller each time an item is completed.  An empty list means, all items are done.  Switch to the ‘All List’ to see a combination of yet-to-be-completed and Done items.
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Website Dashboard
easy management
enfohub users can select the Dashboard button in the bottom menu and manage their website in the App.  Dashboard can be accessed inside the App.
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Favorite Website Viewer
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Everyone has their favorite websites, sites they go to regularly.  The enfohub App creates a list of favorite websites that users can open and select without remembering the addresses.  These favorite websites can be opened without leaving the App.
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Free Mobile App
Build & maintain your website with our mobile App and get our free Task Manager too.

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